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Are We Ready for Medical Robots?

   In the coming years, it will be more and more likely to see robots in our everyday lives, whether it be at the store, in our cars, or even in our hospitals. In fact, the medical robots market is ...
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Important Changes to the Standard for Robots and Robotic Equipment

The Fourth Edition of UL 1740 “Standard for Robots and Robotic Equipment” was released on 21/01/2018. The publication of the revised edition marked a significant shift from RIA R15.06 (2012) to the ...
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Custom Robotic Cells: A Simpler Certification Process

The demand for custom robotic cells is growing, as companies continue to integrate industrial robots into their processes for everything from assembly lines, to complex machining, to ...
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Mitigating Risk and Improving Worker Safety with Cobots

Industrial robots have historically been separated from humans by cages and other types of guarding systems, protecting people from interacting with the machines. Collaborative robots, or cobots, are ...
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The Rise of “Cobots” and Its Safety Considerations

Industrial robots are transforming factories, production facilities and manufacturing plants around the world. Incorporating new collaborative robots (cobots) has allowed companies to boost ...
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Understanding the Safety of Collaborative Robots

Whenever it is feasible to utilize robots in the factory, manufacturers will often find that option irresistible. It is universally agreed that robotics technology has enabled significant ...
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Robotics: Industrial Application

The Robotics industry is growing at a rapid rate, especially as industry demand continues to increase. There are rapid technological advancements leading to faster and less expensive production, new ...
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Prosthetics 4.0 or almost like the original

Real-looking tooth implants, artificial limbs with impressive functionality and bioresorbable materials that are dissolved by the body at the end of their useful life – prosthetics and implants have ...
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A Collaborative Robot – closer to humans, safer to work with

Industrial robots are generally used at some distance from people, to ensure human safety. Along with advancement in sensors and control technology, the latest version of the International Standard ...
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Robots – friends, enemies, or our salvation?

By Mr. Roberto Lorenzoni Humans have been fascinated by robots for a long time. Robots show intelligent behavior, are resourceful, and can work ceaselessly. Science fiction movies have brought robots ...
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