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Comprehensive Vendor Assessment for Construction of Petrochemical Plant in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Petrochemicals Industries (KPI) selected TÜV Rheinland to perform third party vendor assessment services to evaluate technical competence, production capacity and quality assurance.
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Quality management according to ISO 9001 and the advantages for small and medium-sized companies

Whether they are medium-sized or small companies, they all benefit from aligning themselves with ISO 9001 quality management. With respect to today's cut-throat competition, quality is an important ...
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Functional Safety — one key safety measure in Operational Technology

In a world that is gradually becoming denser with electronics, electronic devices, and systems, many of these located in public spaces could bring harm to human beings. The people that operate these ...
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TÜV Rheinland Middle East , Independent Competent Person (ICP) organisation for Saudi Railway Company (SAR)

 TÜV Rheinland Middle East, mandated and approved in Saudi Arabia by the Kingdom’s Public Transport Authority in its role as an Independent Competent Person (ICP) organisation, completes a major ...
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How To Ensure Data Protection for Products in the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Growing Demand for Data Security in IoT Products More and more products are being equipped with an Internet connection. From smart TVs and digital assistants, to fitness trackers and networked ...
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Understanding the HSBE Methodology in IEC 62368-1

  With the implementation date for IEC 62368-1 (edition 2) on 20th June 2019 drawing near, it will be important for your business to be prepared for the transition from legacy standards to the ...
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Women at Work: The Journey of a TÜV Rheinland Human Resources Professional

Women Empowerment is a fundamental imperative for any organization that is progressive and inclusive in its people management strategies. From boardroom discussions, message boards to online ...
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Why You Should Choose a Global Certification Partner for ATEX/IECEx Directives

Market Access Made Easy Equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres must comply with a range of regulations, standards and directives before they can be ...
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Successful Business Continuity Management (BCM) Needs A Comprehensive Approach

Successful Business Continuity Management (BCM) requires identifying critical business processes and deriving required measures for reducing the probability of failure occurrence or getting systems ...
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TÜV Rheinland Awarded an Eye Comfort Certification to Samsung Display at CES 2019, the World’s Largest Consumer Electronic and Technology Tradeshow held in Las Vegas

Samsung Display received a highly respected Eye Comfort certification from TÜV Rheinland, by sharply lowering the percentage of blue light coming out of smartphone OLED panels from 12 percent to only ...
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