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Strengthening the Protection of Consumers – the Indonesian Ministry of Trade Introduces the K3L (Security, Safety, Health And Environment) Regulation

Posted by TUV Rheinland on Nov 6, 2019 4:07:24 PM
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The Indonesian Ministry of Trade issued a new regulation governing testing for several parameters, procedures for registration, supervision, termination of trade activities and withdrawal of goods related to Security, Safety, Health and Environment (K3L). This regulation was set in February 25th, 2019 and took effect on August 14th, 2019.

Today, there are about 115 in the SNI (National Standard Indonesia) scope of product accreditations that has been enforced. In order to ensure consumer safety and protection, this new regulation was established before the SNI regulation was enforced as compulsory for all products.

The K3L regulation defines products related to security, safety, health, and environment which is produced domestically or imported, before circulating in the market. Products that must be registered are electrical and electronic products, as well as products containing hazardous chemicals, for example:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Kitchen Machines (Blender, Food Processor, Mixer, Juicer, Toaster, etc.)
  • Heating Liquids (Water Dispenser, Electric Kettle, Rice Cooker)
  • Massage Appliances, Shavers, Hair Dyer, Hair Clippers
  • Power Tools (Drills, Grinders, Planers, Saw, etc.
  • Carpet / floor mat (made of textile or plastic)
  • Bed sheets and Bedcover
  • Pillowcases and bolsters
  • Gloves
  • Foot wear (fully made from rubber or plastic)
  • Eraser


The Three Steps to Get K3L Registered

Step 1: Product testing

The stakeholders must undergo product testing based on test methods that have been set by the government for each type of products. The laboratory which does the testing process should be accredited by KAN (National Accreditation Committee).

Step 2: Product Registration

After the product is tested, stakeholders are required to submit their application through licensing electronic system of Directorate General of Consumer Protection and Trade Compliance (Direktorat Jenderal Perlindungan Konsumen dan Tertib Niaga): http://simpktn.kemendag.go.id/index.php/k3l/ . The stakeholders are required to put the registration number of K3L products on the packaging and/or labels after the products are registered.

Step 3: Products Re-registration

Every five years, the stakeholders must re-register to update K3L product registration data. Meanwhile, products that have been on the market before the validity of this regulations, are required to adjust to the provisions.

Our Accreditations and Recognition Allow Us to Provide You K3L Product Safety Testing

TÜV Rheinland Indonesia is an authorized and accredited product certification body, registered as LSPr-026-IDN. We have capabilities to conduct testing and certification for various types of product scopes based on country regulations.

Our laboratories are operated by professional engineers and are equipped with advanced testing equipment and high-quality standard reference IEC/ISO 17025. Trust in our support and vast experience to test in accordance with the standards of Security, Safety, Health, and Environment (K3L). TÜV Rheinland will support all stakeholders in improving safety, and helping to establish a good reputation in the market.

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