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Optimize the operating safety and performance of industrial equipment

By Devendra Joshi, Assistant General Manager, Products, TÜV Rheinland India
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Why You Should Choose TÜV Rheinland for Your Complete Machinery Assurance Solutions

The machinery industry has come a long way since the invention of the steam engine. And so has TÜV Rheinland – we inspected the installation, operation, and safety of steam boilers during the first ...
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Are We Ready for Medical Robots?

   In the coming years, it will be more and more likely to see robots in our everyday lives, whether it be at the store, in our cars, or even in our hospitals. In fact, the medical robots market is ...
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Important Changes to the Standard for Robots and Robotic Equipment

The Fourth Edition of UL 1740 “Standard for Robots and Robotic Equipment” was released on 21/01/2018. The publication of the revised edition marked a significant shift from RIA R15.06 (2012) to the ...
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