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An Integrated Approach to Functional Safety and Cybersecurity

How can safety and security be jointly assessed to resolve conflicts, and what role can bowtie analysis play to realise the vision of integrated safety and security? These were the topics discussed ...
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Understanding the Safety of Collaborative Robots

Whenever it is feasible to utilize robots in the factory, manufacturers will often find that option irresistible. It is universally agreed that robotics technology has enabled significant ...
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In Process Industry, Cyber Security is inseparable from Functional Safety

The stakes are high in process industry: everything moves fast, in large quantity, and exposed to a wide range of hazards. Cyber Security is now added into the industrial operations risks too, but it ...
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The Trinity of Industrial Cyber Security

Cyber Security may not be a new term for the general public, but it is definitely a new world altogether in the industrial sector. It has never been an issue for traditional factories or plants ...
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Mind your “I”s and “O”s in Industrial Cyber Security

 This is a review of the Panel Discussion session in Asia ICS Cyber Security in Singapore: ‘The “I”s and “O”s’, a reference to the ‘I/O devices’ in Industrial Control System (ICS), as well as the ...
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