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Combating bribery needs a proactive approach over a reactive one

All across time, bribery has proven to be one of the most destructive, complex, and ever-evolving problem faced by organisations of varying scales. As with any organization looking to be successful ...
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Data Protection Officer (DPO) Training and Certification with TÜV Rheinland

Expert Interview with Mr Dondi Mapa, Resource Expert
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TÜV Rheinland helps smart device manufacturers navigate the rapidly evolving cybersecurity, privacy and regulatory landscape

In recent times, digital transformation and the early stages of data and automation-driven economies as a result of ‘Industry 4.0’ has seen cybersecurity skyrocket high onto the priorities of ...
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Why it is important to improve your cybersecurity posture for Industrial and OT Systems

In recent times, the number of cybersecurity-related incidents occurring around industrial systems and operational technology has been rising – with well-publicized reports of malware and threat ...
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Be proactive in keeping up with ever-evolving ASME Standards

Author credit: Carlito Banate, Local ASME Expert, Philippines
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Why Company Leaders Need to Step Up and Take Responsibility for Occupational Safety

Company leaders need to step up and take greater responsibility for their company’s occupational safety standards. This is what Nelly Yong, Vice President - Certification of Management Systems for ...
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Functional Safety — One Key Safety Measure in Operational Technology

In a world that is gradually becoming denser with electronics, electronic devices, and systems, many of these located in public spaces could bring harm to human beings. The people that operate these ...
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