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TÜV Rheinland Insight: Are Your Winter Clothes Hazardous?

Apparel Represents Beauty and Fashion As is commonly understood among the Chinese, to appear decent, people need apparel like horses need a saddle. Although some argue that one cannot judge a book by ...
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IT Product Sustainability Certification - TCO Certification

I wonder if anyone reading this blog has ever looked at the environmental labels found on home appliances, cars, and the like. I think many people are aware of environmental labels, due to an ...
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The Top Five Values to Expect in Product Certification

When it comes to product certification, what kind of value do you expect? This loaded question could certainly be rhetorical. Really, who can say they value a service that many feel is a “necessary ...
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On the road to zero

Polluted drinking water, hazardous substances in the air – the cheap mass production of textiles and shoes is destroying the environment and harming people. The textile industry has responded by ...
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Capturing the Mobility Aids Market in an Aged Society

Capturing the Mobility Aids Market in an Aged Society | cn | TÜV Rheinland <link rel="stylesheet" media="all" ...
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ASTM F963-16 Changes: Addition of HD XRF Technology, New Test Alternative for Homogenous Plastic Materials

The U.S. Toy Standard ASTM F963-16 was recently updated after a five-year review and revision. This is a significant revision to the ASTM F963-11, bringing a closer alignment with other international ...
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How to be a world class steel manufacturer? Walsin Lihwa chooses TÜV Rheinland as certification partner

Most people associate Walsin Lihwa with cables and power wires, but it’s actually a large-scale specialty steel manufacturer as well. Walsin Lihwa manufactures and sells stainless steel billets ...
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TÜV Rheinland: Gentle Reminders on Toy Safety

Christmas means joy and gifts. Of course, we don’t want any safety issues to spoil the cheer. As children of all ages are coming up with their wish lists, we see a buying spree in toy shops and ...
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TÜV Rheinland: Christmas Tree Stands with Cable Technology Are Safe

A Christmas tree is part of the festive season in almost all households. In order to decorate it, the tree must stand stably. There are various stand systems on the market for bringing the tree into ...
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Light Decorations for Outdoors: LEDs Are Economical and Safe

Modern strings of lights with LED technology are replacing conventional light decorations with bulbs. And rightly so: Those who decorate their balcony, Christmas tree or house with LEDs save ...
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