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The 70-20-10 Learning Model

What still applies to personnel developers after 30 years – and what does not. 70-20-10: Over three decades these have been the dream measures for personnel developers. 70 percent we learn on the ...
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How the “Inspire and Empower People” Challenge Succeeds

Be honest: Why do you get up every morning and go to work? If you have an answer to this, then you can confidently regard yourself as “inspired”, as personnel managers and managers have recently been ...
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Modern Learning Types and Strategies

Insufficient participation, low commitment, lack of satisfaction – when it comes to in-house training, companies today can find it difficult to motivate their employees to obtain a qualification.
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Competence Management in Times of Digital Transformation

Active Competence Management: Door Opener for a Successful Future Digital transformation places new and different demands on employees. So how can companies help their employees meet these challenges?
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TŰV Rheinland Now Offers 3 Additional Lead Auditor Training Courses

TŰV Rheinland now officially offers three additional lead auditor training courses (LATC)—ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System, ISO 37001 Anti-bribery Management Systems, and ISO 22000 ...
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