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Regulatory Change in Asia You Need to Know Now

Here are some of the latest updates on regulations, certifications, drafts and amendments for countries in Asia:
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ISO 45001: The New Standard in Occupational Health & Safety Management

The new ISO 45001 standard is intended to fulfil the growing expectations for occupational health & safety management. Following the release of a Final Draft (FDIS) at the end of November 2017, ...
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Here Are 9 Things You Should Know About ISO 45001

Our experts answer frequently asked questions on the planned international standard ISO 45001 which is expected to be published in March/April 2018. Do you have any further questions? Make an ...
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Navigating the complex requirements in Appliance Safety Testing

Many appliances are tested for safety but few manufacturers know exactly what the regulations are or what happens to appliances during testing. In today's challenging world of complex regulatory ...
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Product Compliance: Those Who Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

Peter Grundberg 
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