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Anti-Corruption: TÜV Rheinland Certifies Companies to ISO 37001

Management system helps companies to take systematic action against corruption and mitigate risks / TÜV Rheinland certification documents appropriate action against corruption
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Combating bribery needs a proactive approach over a reactive one

All across time, bribery has proven to be one of the most destructive, complex, and ever-evolving problem faced by organisations of varying scales. As with any organization looking to be successful ...
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Case Study: Industrial Control Systems (ICS) in the Oil & Gas Sector

There has been an exponential rise in Industrial Control System and Operational Technology (OT) vulnerabilities around the globe. The top 5 industries that have seen their operations affected are ...
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Ensure Your Imported Products Comply with Country Regulations

TÜV Rheinland supports ANINDYA in Pre-shipment Inspection & Verification Product Technical Inspection
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Data Protection Officer (DPO) Training and Certification with TÜV Rheinland

Expert Interview with Mr Dondi Mapa, Resource Expert
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TÜV Rheinland India Wins ‘Best Exhibitor Award’ at ‘Bengaluru Tech Summit 2019’

An award that represents our commitment towards world’s safety and security
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Strengthening the Protection of Consumers – the Indonesian Ministry of Trade Introduces the K3L (Security, Safety, Health And Environment) Regulation

The Indonesian Ministry of Trade issued a new regulation governing testing for several parameters, procedures for registration, supervision, termination of trade activities and withdrawal of goods ...
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Obtaining Mobility Market Access with SNI (Indonesian National Standard) Certification

Gain Smooth Entry Into Indonesian Markets with SNI Certification Goods for export to Indonesia are mandated to obtain certification according to the Indonesian National Standard (SNI). Once certified ...
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Ensuring Medical Device Effectiveness and Safety

By Bhavya H M, Sr. Executive, Business development, TÜV Rheinland India
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TÜV Rheinland’s Comprehensive Vehicle Testing and Approvals for European Markets

Enjoy Guaranteed Approvals thanks to Tested Vehicles Whether you manufacture cars, trucks, buses, or trailers, our team can provide you with comprehensive tests that clear the way to vehicle ...
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