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  1. 有害物質の含有(例:SVHC含有)
  2. プラスチック微細繊維の有無
  3. 貴金属・レアアース含有量
  4. リサイクル性
  5. 補修性
  6. 再使用の可能性
  7. 持続可能性
  8. トレーサビリティ
  9. 再生材の使用
  10. 再生可能な資源の使用




On 29 April 2022, the French authorities published the Decree No. 2022-748 of 29 April 2022 regarding consumer information on the environmental qualities and characteristics of waste-generating products.
It applies to all relevant producers, importers, and dealers of products intended for consumers, including those that use a website, online platform or other online distribution channel.
The information about qualities and environmental characteristics of products must be available by electronic means and/or by display, labeling or any other clear and comprehensible means.

From January 1, 2023, this product information will allow consumers of products to know:

  1. Compostability
  2. Presence of hazardous substances (e.g. SVHC content)
  3. Presence of plastic microfibers
  4. Presence of precious metals or rare earths
  5. Recyclability
  6. Reparability
  7. Re-use possibilities
  8. Sustainability
  9. Traceability
  10. Use of recycled material
  11. Use of renewable resources

For more information, please consult the official publication here.


ご質問・お問い合わせ   テュフ ラインランドでは、SVHC(高懸念物質)等の化学物質分析・リスクアセスメントサービスを提供します。詳しくは、お問い合わせください。

お問い合わせ:カスタマーサービス(TEL: 045-470-1850 E-Mail: info@jpn.tuv.com


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