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Posted by TUV Rheinland on Oct 1, 2018 9:36:02 AM
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Risk Assessments on Cybersecurity for Industrial and Operational Techology (OT)

The number of cybersecurity related incidents in OT and industrial networks
has risen in every sector in recent years, there have been well publicized of production lines being halted and intellectual property being stolen as a result of cyberattacks. This is impacting the ability for companies to innovate and drive forward into new markets.

As digital cybersecurity risks increase as more equipment and systems are connected to the internet. Conventional IT security risks models fail to understand the specialized nature of production and control systems as they can markedly different to those used in an office or commercial environment.

The worlds of functional safety and cybersecurity are now inextricably linked in modern plant and process control systems. Functional safety is the defense against random and systematic technical failure for the protection of life and environment.

Cybersecurity, on the other hand, is the defense against negligent and willful actions protecting devices and facilities. A plant that meets a particular functional safety design requirement could be compromised by a cyberattack, impacting its safety integrity level.

How are Industrial and Operational Technology Risks Assessed

Our team will engage with you in an effective way to help you understand how mature your OT cybersecurity posture is. Engagements are adaptable using either IEC 62443 or NIST CSF industry standards depending on what is best for your situation.

An assessment can be undertaken in a relatively short period of time to give quick feedback to the business so that any remedial steps can be started as soon as possible. Our experts take a collaborative workshop approach enabling findings to be discussed in a friendly, informed way with internal teams to maximize the learning opportunity and ensure that key parts of the business and operations are engaged in the process.

Why assess your Industrial and Operational Technology Cybersecurity Risks?

  • There is a regulatory or legal requirement to understand this risk as you operate in a safety critical or hazardous industry.
  • Business executives are concerned how cybersecurity issues can impact their business.
  • Investors and shareholders need reassuring that systems are robust and capable of managing likely cybersecurity issues and that new investments will be protected.
  • Customers are demanding that their intellectual property and process information is protected on your network.


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