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The Undeniable Benefits of Technical Vocational Training

Posted by TUV Rheinland on Sep 6, 2019 8:00:00 AM
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Achieve Skilled Employees and Economic Development with our TVET Services

Strong vocational training drives business success, regional economic development and individual job satisfaction. Modern, industry-relevant curricula are key to attracting and qualifying employees, and to closing the gap between available and required practical skills at the workplace. 


Governments, industries, schools and individuals are constantly looking for solutions to close these gaps arising from technological and economic developments.


TÜV Rheinland is strongly rooted in the German dual vocational system and we offer customised vocational learning solutions and a broad scope of related consultancy services, especially in technical fields and available across all industries.


Choosing us enables you to access a depth of expertise and technical knowledge difficult to find elsewhere. The breadth of our experience in nearly every industry allows us to create workforce development programs to meet your specific needs.


We are a One-Stop Solution for Technical Trainings


Workforce Development is an Economic Boon

Practical and targeted technical vocational training means better skilled and qualified employees, which in turn leads to improved regional, economic and social development. 


In such an environment, potential employees find more job opportunities and companies can draw on qualified staff to boost production or provide enhanced services. Companies may even experience cost reductions as it becomes easier to hire locally rather than internationally.


We Offer Flexible Solutions for Technical Vocational Training

With our foundation in the German dual education system we aim to transfer and localise these experiences in the form of customised solutions for governments, companies or individuals. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Implementing hands-on skills development programs in a broad number of technical disciplines like: Industrial Electricians, Mechanical Engineers, Mechatronics, Welders, Automotive Professionals and many more - SG
  • Curriculum modernisation according to industry requirements
  • Advising local schools and colleges - SG on how to modernise their programs, training infrastructure and delivery with specialised Train the Trainer programs
  • Vocational consulting



We offer dual vocational trainings on these topics:


Experience the Backbone of “Made in Germany”

Vocational training is often regarded as the backbone and key condition for quality. With our help, you can also provide this kind of “Made in Germany” quality training to your employees.


We combine our deeply rooted practical experience of the dual vocational training system with international experience and a global network. This allows us to adapt our trainings so our clients around the world can benefit from its strengths.


We have built a reputation for excellence and high quality, and we are eager to share it with you.


Speak with a service representative to learn more about our Technical Vocational Training programs today: 

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