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The Organisational Benefits of Getting Your Personnel Certified by PersCert TÜV

Posted by TUV Rheinland on Jul 12, 2018 6:12:33 PM
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Personnel Certification – Proof of Competence

A personnel certification is a certificate issued by an independent professional body testifying that the recipient’s proven qualifications and skills match predefined training goals.

PersCert TÜV is the independent, interdisciplinary and cross-sector personnel certification body of TÜV Rheinland. There is a great deal of trust placed in personnel certificates from PersCert TÜV, as TÜV Rheinland is known for expertise and neutrality.

At 500 sites in 65 countries, over 17,000 employees work towards a future that is able to meet the requirements of people and the environment in the long term. Consulting, developing, supporting, testing and certifying. These are the services from TÜV Rheinland with which we also want to inspire you.


Independent and Trustworthy Testing

As a personnel certification body accredited by the German accreditation body, we meet internationally recognised requirements in order to test and verify qualifications and skills. A personnel certificate from PersCert TÜV can be a deciding factor in your success as a company, association, or training provider.

For Companies

Do you place great importance on the excellent qualifications of your staff, so that your customers always receive excellent service, advice and support? Would you like to inform the market about the result of your guiding training program? 

  • We will inform you which employees have actually met the required competency targets. 
  • An individual certificate will be issued to those who successfully complete the examinations. 
  • We will show you how to successfully use your certified competence facing competition.


For Associations

Your member companies are professionals in their field. As an association, do you offer an additional high quality qualification that particularly recommends your member companies? 

  • We will inform you, whether the participating staff of your member companies have actually reached the target competence. 
  • An individual certificate will be issued to the successful participants. 
  • We will show you ways how, as an association, your member companies and you can successfully use your personnel certificate facing competition.


For Training Providers

Do you have qualified experts who want to specialise further in order to be the best employee or freelance contractor in their field? 

  • You have confidence in your own training and have the examination carried out by an independent third party. This is well received. 
  • We will award your successful graduates with a highly valued personal certificate. 
  • We will show your customers ways in which they can successfully use their certified competence facing competition.


A Comprehensive and Tailored Certification Process

PersCert TÜV tests and certifies qualifications and competences with a highly specialised team of examination designers and experts in this field. We develop the entire process conjointly with you. You can rely on our experience and proximity to the customer.

Step 1

Together we check to what extent the target qualification required by you can be achieved with your planned training concept. We will assess if: 

  • Existing statutory regulations are taken into account 
  • The target qualification is appropriate for carrying out the aspired activity 
  • The content is reasonable in terms of type and scope 
  • The qualification of the trainers is appropriate 
  • The methodology and educational approach are suitable


Step 2

Together we develop ideas on how the target qualifications can be tested for the specific target group and subject. In a „standard document“ we capture the agreed definitions of the examinations, such as: 

  • The type of examination 
  • The type and number of examination questions 
  • The makeup of the examination committee 
  • The organizational examination procedure 
  • The examination‘s assessment criteria


Step 3

We prepare the tests in conjunction with you. This includes: 

  • Setting up a pool of examination questions 
  • The approval of expert examiners 
  • The selection and inspection of examination locations 
  • The planning of examination dates 
  • The creation of examination regulations


Step 4

We carry out examinations while maintaining the independence of the training. This includes: 

  • The creation of examinations 
  • The supervision of examinations 
  • The management of the examination commission 
  • The assessment of the examinations by competent examiners 
  • The certification of the participants


PersCert TÜV provides certification across different sectors worldwide, wherever the performance of your staff deserves particular trust.

A selection of over 250 current personnel certifications:

  • Data Protection Auditor 
  • IT Security Representative 
  • Building Energy Consultant 
  • Care Manager 
  • Professional for Fruit and Veg 
  • Care Service Manager 
  • Construction Coordinator 
  • Service Technician 
  • Sales Specialist 
  • Personal Fitness Trainer 
  • Fire Protection Representative 
  • Compliance Officer 
  • Swimming Pool Builder 
  • Welding Professional 
  • Supply Chain Manager 
  • Sales Engineer 
  • Consultant for Mould Damage 
  • Quality Representative 
  • Wound Expert 
  • Assembly Assistant 
  • Accident Prevention Manager 
  • Examiner for Drivers of Railway Vehicles 
  • Environmental Protection Representative 
  • Security Awareness Coordinator 
  • Software Asset und License Manager 
  • Network Moderator 
  • Specialist Publisher 
  • Health and Safety Management Auditor 
  • eTrainer 
  • Cloud Computing Professional


PersCert TÜV is Strongly Recognised in the Industry

Now that you have acquired the ability to offer expert service, advice and support to your customers through further training or professional experience?

Show that with the PersCert TÜV signet. Give a strong impression of your particular efforts and skills. You will differentiate yourself from the competition and your customers will appreciate it.



There is a personal advertising signet for most tested qualifications in order to achieve the maximum possible attention for your certificate. This enables you to upgrade your external impact, for example, as a consultant.



A certificate from TÜV Rheinland offers you many opportunities for personal success and the success of your company. The certificates from PersCert TÜV enjoy an excellent reputation in industry and with consumers, as TÜV Rheinland stands for competence and trust worldwide.



An ID-Number on our certificates refers to a page on our certification platform Certipedia, on which admission requirements for and contents of the examination are described. As a result everyone can see the high quality qualification our successful candidates have.



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