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The Latest Regulatory Updates in the Middle East

Posted by TUV Rheinland on Dec 24, 2018 11:17:28 AM
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Latest Updates for Countries in the Middle East



In May 2018, the Egypt Ministry of Commerce and Industry issued Ministerial Decision No. 477/2018 requiring the listed products to comply with designated standards within a six-months transition period:
  • No. 6000-1 Household Refrigerating Appliances - Characteristics and Test Methods - Part 1: General Requirements
  • No. 5055-1 Surgical instruments – metallic materials Part : 1 Stainless steel
  • No. 1595-1 Rubber Gloves Used for Medical Purposes Part : 1 Single-use Sterile Rubber Surgical Gloves
  • No.3794 Energy Efficiency of Household and Similar Electrical Appliances Measurement And Calculation Methods for Energy Consumption of Refrigerators, Refrigerator-Freezers and Freezers
  • No. 6000-2 Household Refrigerating Appliances - Characteristics and Test Methods - Part 2 : Performance Requirements
  • No. 7322 Essential requirements of safety and healthy in leather, leather product and its parts
  • No. 5492 Domestic and Kitchen Storage Units and Worktops. Safety Requirements and Test Methods
  • No. 3795-1 Energy Efficiency Label Requirements for Air Conditioner Part 2: Variable Capacity Room Air Conditioner (Window - Split) With Variable Speed Compressor
  • No. 3571 Footwear and Its Parts
  • No.6000-3 Household Refrigerating Appliances - Characteristics and Test Methods - Part 3: Energy Consumption and Volume
  • No. 4101 Requirement for gas vehicles design and installation of filling station
  • No. 8057 Energy Efficiency of Household Electrical Appliances Methods for Measuring and Calculating Energy Efficiency of Vacuum Cleaners
  • No. 3572 Sport Shoes and Its Parts




United Arab Emirates

The ESMA has notified all manufacturers and traders of regulated products that many certificates of conformity issued by the ESMA have expired. The ESMA conducts random market surveillance activities during which it is important to demonstrate valid certification in order to avoid penalties or legal actions. Manufacturers and traders are recommended to apply for a new certificate of conformity two months before the actual expiration date.


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