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TÜV Rheinland Data Protection Officer Conference 2019 in Manila attracts more than 100 attendees

Posted by TUV Rheinland on Apr 22, 2019 10:00:00 AM
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The TÜV Rheinland Data Protection Officer (DPO) Conference which took place recently in the Philippines’ capital of Manila, attracted more than 100 data protection professionals. They joined TÜV Rheinland experts to discuss issues and strategies on data privacy, protection and policies, as well as the challenges and opportunities in privacy management, compliance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and international data privacy practices.

Press Release _DPO Conference 2019__LinkedIn templateAttendees at the event, which ran under the theme of the “State of Compliance: Present and Future Outlook,” included data protection officers, data protection practitioners, compliance officers, risk management heads, school heads and administrators. The audience also included experts and professionals in the fields of healthcare, insurance, finance and the legal profession, as well as government officers and officials and IT and BPO personnel interested in data privacy and data protection issues.

“In these fast-changing times, where doing business is made more exciting by disruptive new business models and technologies, it has become critical to equip DPOs with skills and competencies to help them remain competitive in the local and global data protection landscape,” said Mr. Tristan Arwen Loveres, Director, TÜV Rheinland Academy and Life Care Asia Pacific.

Local and international subject matter experts discussed topics ranging from global data protection, to DPO career development and progression, and the skills and competencies that DPOs require to successfully do their jobs. TÜV Rheinland-certified DPOs from various sectors also shared their experiences in the field, including the challenges they faced and the benefits they have acquired from fulfilling the critical role of protecting personnel data in their respective organizations.

Press Release _DPO Conference 2019__LinkedIn template_2Since the implementation of the Data Privacy Act of 2012, TÜV Rheinland Philippines has continued to support organizations in their journey to compliance with the law, through awareness seminars and training programs focused on local requirements. With a highly specialized team of trainers, exam designers and other specialists, the organization has developed the Data Protection Officer (DPO) (TÜV) Training and Certification Program to help assess and certify the qualifications and competencies of DPOs.

“Our training and qualification programs ensure that DPOs are able to comply with local and international regulations. More importantly, they provide clients with the confidence they need to ensure data protection and safeguard the sustainability of their businesses,” Mr. Loveres said.

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