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Spotlight on Technology: How TÜV Rheinland Is Using Ultrasound To Detect Corrosion

Posted by TUV Rheinland on Jun 13, 2018 10:39:44 AM
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Using ultrasound to detect corrosion

Corrosion is still the biggest cause of damage to industrial pipes, tanks and other containers today. It is therefore vitally important to regularly inspect metals for signs of corrosion damage. To that end Markus Trutschel and Daniel Regel, physicist and electrical engineer respectively at TÜV Rheinland, have developed a new technology based on the use of ultrasound. Two robust devices, ManUS-T and ManUS-M, use ultrasound to record quantitative data enabling a computer-based determination of the service life of containers or pipes.

Data collection twice as fast

When the highly manoeuvrable ManUS-T crawls over the floor of the tank, for example, it not only saves on personnel costs but works twice as quickly and, in passing, also collects status data. The smaller ManUS-M is equipped with magnetic wheels which enables it to glide up and down all ferritic steels. With ManUS-M the costs for scaffolding are now a thing of the past. Ultrasonic tests can be performed at heights of up to 25 metres or 25 metres from the inspector’s position.

Weld inspection

In addition to corrosion testing, the inspection of welds is also possible with this device, which is equipped with a line laser enabling precise alignment along the welds.

Calculating future repair work

The development of these new devices enables TÜV Rheinland to offer information about the state of industrial components at a highly competitive price. In addition, thanks to localised records, the data can be compared easily during periodic inspections, and consequently the future development of potential damage can be more effectively calculated.

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