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One-on-one With Our AIM Expert and Authorised Officer at TÜV Rheinland Group

Posted by TUV Rheinland on Jun 13, 2018 11:00:45 AM
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TÜV Rheinland inspects everything, from technical equipment to products and services; oversees projects of all sizes; trains people in a wide range of careers and industries; and helps shape processes and information security for organisations around the globe. TÜV Rheinland employs a global network of approved labs, testing facilities and educational centres.

What can you tell us about the asset integrity services offered by TÜV Rheinland?

An effective asset integrity management (AIM) programme incorporates all stages of an asset’s lifecycle, be it design, process, operations, maintenance, inspection or management concepts. In other words, our AIM integrates all aspects and disciplines that have a direct or indirect impact on asset integrity and performance. The purpose of AIM is to help maintain assets in fit-for-service condition while extending their remaining lifetime in ways that are reliable, safe and cost-effective.

TÜV Rheinland has a large team of specialists and engineers in all areas of AIM including process safety, risk analysis, mechanical integrity, inspection and maintenance optimisation, meaning our clients can be confident about the integrity of their assets.

Our competitive advantage stems from our ability to bundle value-adding services such as inspection planning and execution, risk and safety assessments, and AIM consulting as required specifically for each asset or plant integrity management scheme. That’s our AIM unique service proposition in a nutshell.

What’s been the biggest highlight from the past year?

We’ve successfully rolled out our Computational Engineering services based on enhanced lifetime modelling that combines condition monitoring-based data collection onsite with advanced non-destructive testing results.

The overall approach harnesses knowledge-based consulting and computation to extend remaining lifetimes and optimise complex critical assets. Current projects cover pre-damaged components in service at high temperatures, where our clients in the energy and chemical industries benefit from ongoing operation through reliable procedures using state-of-the art technologies such as the Finite Element method, CFD and fracture mechanics.

What do the next 12-18 months have in store for the company?

Our AIM techniques will be integrated into a cloud-based solution that covers condition monitoring data management, mobile inspection results and a portal for clients to review the overall state of their assets.

Furthermore, we have been developing a new approach within the framework of our Computational Engineering unit to evaluate the corrosion of well-head installations in the oil and gas industry using pulsed eddy current testing equipment combined with three-dimensional stability calculations.

What might readers be most surprised to learn about TÜV Rheinland?

TÜV Rheinland provides over 2,000 services in 8 regions at over 500 locations with more than 200 laboratories worldwide. That means we perform an average of over 2,000 inspections on any given day.

Despite the sheer scale of our operations, our philosophy is surprisingly simple: we work closely with our clients to find consultancy solutions that ensure the safe, secure, reliable and efficient operation of their products and services.

Our business model is based on the idea that each case is different, which is why we offer a set of modules that can be combined in any number of ways to create complex, tailored technical solutions designed specifically to meet your individual needs. As society progresses into the future at a rapid pace, our global network of highly trained and experienced experts enables safer and better uses of modern technology.

TÜV Rheinland is a global leader in independent inspection services. Boasting over 140 years of experience, the group today has 19,600 employees worldwide and an annual turnover of nearly €1.9bn. Its independent experts ensure the highest standards of quality and safety for people, technologies, and the environment in nearly all aspects of life.

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