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Korea - Public notification of conformity assessment for broadcasting communications equipment

Posted by TUV Rheinland on Jan 25, 2018 3:50:26 PM
TUV Rheinland

Korea RRA announced the amendment of Conformity Assessment for Broadcasting Communications Equipment

Notification No. 2017-14, 2017.12.5


A. Revision of filing method of conformity certification documents (Article 5)

They can not submit the test report every year if the importer who obtained the conformity certificate without the circuit diagram submits the circuit diagram later, and apply mutatis mutandis of modification reporting procedure in submitting the test report and the circuit diagram


B. Revision of conformity assessment marking method (Article 23, Attached Table 5)

In order to avoid confusion on marking timing in import and sales, the conformity assessment mark shall be displayed on the equipment before customs clearance.

To prevent confusion and inconvenience between manufacturers and consumers, a permanent identification mark shall be used, "R (meaning Radio Act)", not affected by changes of Ministry name under reshuffling government organization.

In order to alleviate the burden on authorization appliers, if it is possible to identify visually the conformity assessment mark of the product in the packaging state with transparent packaging material, the conformity assessment mark on the package can not be displayed.

In order to ease the burden on authorization appliers, when purchasing parallel import products, if buyers provide stickers, etc. to attach the conformity assessment mark by themselves on product surface the conformity assessment mark can not be displayed on the product

In order to enhance appliers' benefit, underbars (_) and hyphens (-) can be used in the product identifier of the conformity assessment mark.


C. New Introduction and partly reclassification of authorized fire fighting equipment(Attached Table 2, Attached Table 3)

In order to resolve duplicate certification, fire fighting equipment under the Ministry of the Interior and Safety shall be included to the authorized equipment under Ministry of Science and ICT.

In order to comply with the classification criteria of equipment, we shall reclassify the motor vehicles and equipment driven by DC power supplies, previously excluded from the vehicles and equipment by ignition engine.

We shall exclude electric lighters and LED lanterns from authorized equipment due to significantly low harmful interference of EMC.


D. Form changes to facilitate the conformity assessment process (Attached, Form 1, Form 5, Form 6, Form 8)

Applying technical requirement of "Field Strength" to some home appliances, the test of "Field Strength" is added to the application form of conformity assessment.

A photograph of the equipment appearance shall be attached to the "approved papers compliant with the conformity assessment regulation" to identify the equipment at the site when examining and inspecting illegal equipment.


E. Revision of other public notification (Appendix)

We shall intend to revise the "Notification on Designation and Management of Testing Labs for Broadcasting and Communication Equipment, etc." so that the field of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test for fire-fighting equipment can be included for the designation (Appendix)

Date of adoption: Dec. 05, 2017

Date of entry into force: Dec. 05, 2017


source link: http://rra.go.kr/ko/reference/lawList_view.do?lw_seq=561&lw_type=1&searchCon=&searchTxt=&sortOrder=