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How Regulatory Compliance Partners Can Help Manufacturers

Posted by TUV Rheinland on Mar 5, 2018 5:23:39 PM
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The packaging machinery industry is growing. With at 5.34% CAGR, the market is predicted to be at 40 billon by 2017. As the industry grows and evolves, so do the concerns around machinery and facilities. Manufacturers face a number of compliance challenges, including machinery hazards, functional safety, and even cybersecurity concerns. The following blog post touches on some of the areas manufacturers should consider when it comes to the regulatory and compliance process. 

What are some hazards we need to be aware of?

Think about the number of different hazards related to machinery: mechanical motions and actions, electrical interference, and any number of environmental factors, just to name a few. The need to safeguard machines, operators and the workspace is paramount, especially as technology evolves.

Motions and actions of machinery is a standard concern. The same might be said of immunity from electrical interference and electrical shock. But, what about cybersecurity and functional safety needs? Have you considered network security or functional controls? And, of course, the environmental/ergonomic factors like audible noise or process chemicals and materials also need consideration.

Where to Start?

First, finding the regulatory compliance partner is essential. They can help identify the standards to evaluate to and generally provide information on the items you need to consider. Machine Safety, EMC, Functional Safety, Field Evaluation, Occupational Health and Safety and Industrial Hygiene are some of the items a manufacturer might consider. Companies should also analyze and evaluate risks associated with machinery equipment and processes. This includes risk assessment and elimination or suitable reduction of risk.

Some of the standards you might evaluate to include: Machinery Directive, EN 60204, NFPA 79, UL 508, UL 2011, SPE 1000, US NFPA/NEC Field Evaluations, ANSI B11.

There can be a lot of things to remember when it comes to compliance. It’s further complicated by rapid technological advances, new network security threats, evolving national requirements and regulations, and even local specifications and provincial codes.


Jonathan Kotrba, Director of Commercial Products
Mr. Kotrba has over 27 years of experience in regulatory compliance and is focused on cutting edge technologies including 3D, EV and Robotics.


Ted Haschke, Business Development Manager ATEX & Functional Safety SIL Services
Mr. Haschke is responsible for growing TUV Rheinland's functional safety business for industries such as industrial controls, oil and gas, machinery, mining and construction.

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