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Global COVID-19 Campaign: Ensuring a Safe Restart with TÜV Rheinland

Posted by TUV Rheinland on Jun 17, 2020 4:00:00 PM
TUV Rheinland

TÜV Rheinland provides a wide range of services to help overcome the global corona pandemicTÜV Rheinland provides a wide range of services to help overcome the global corona pandemic.

Billions of different face masks are currently being produced worldwide at breakneck speed – but unfortunately, to varying degrees of quality and safety. More and more companies and facilities are reopening or returning to on-site operations. Is operation really safe, however? Are all legal requirements for health protection for customers and employees implemented? These are just two examples of the many challenges that civil societies around the world face every day and are working hard to meet them. “We receive a steady stream of inquiries in a matter of minutes from large commercial enterprises, globally operating trading companies, representatives of authorities and politics, but also from small and medium-sized businesses and private individuals”, explains Ralf Scheller, Member of the Executive Board of TÜV Rheinland and responsible for the Group's operating units worldwide. “Are the protective materials you buy really safe? How to implement the hygiene rules and distance requirements in my work processes? Where will my company be heading once the pandemic is over? Back to a new normal? For these and many other questions, we at TÜV Rheinland offer sustainable solutions or develop them in partnership with our customers.”

Audits by experienced teams, tests in accredited laboratories

To be able to offer COVID-19 services even more efficiently, quickly and tailored to individual needs, TÜV Rheinland has now launched a global campaign. “We have compiled the most important services and support to overcome the Corona pandemic in a clear and concise manner on the Internet. From on-site occupational health and safety audits to special tests of protective materials in our global laboratory network right through to web-based training and education offerings,” says Ralf Scheller. TÜV Rheinland's teams of experts not only provide support with detailed analyses and solution recommendations, but also get down to work themselves. “Our specialists in occupational medicine help in particular small companies that do not have the resources for this themselves to keep their employees healthy. Moreover, our experts in personal protective equipment are increasingly being called on to carry out veritable emergency operations on site in the manufacturing countries. In such cases, they not only test the products, but also check technical documentation or monitor the transport of the goods from the manufacturer to the customer.”

Inspections based on established regulations

TÜV Rheinland carries out product tests, audits, analyses and interviews based on national and international standards and laws as well as its own or customer-specific test specifications. The results and solutions generated neutrally and independently in this way are included in comprehensive documentation. This documentation can be used, for example, to restart or further optimize operations and to deliver safe and high-quality products for end consumers or medical applications in the respective target markets.

All information on the comprehensive range of services, the content of the global campaign “Safe restart with TÜV Rheinland. Your partner during COVID-19 Pandemic” and the respective national contact persons can be found at https://www.tuv.com/landingpage/en/restart-safely/