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Fitness starts in your head

Posted by TUV Rheinland on Oct 24, 2016 6:00:00 PM
TUV Rheinland

Dr. Petra Göddertz manages Preventative Occupational Health Management (POHM) in the south-west region with the TÜV Rheinland Health Management Competence Center in Bad Neuenahr, Germany. The center offers medical check-ups and training programs for managers, competitive athletes and racing drivers.


Is health all in our heads?

Let’s just say, our heads also play an important role. A person’s mental and psychological state is just as important as his physical one. And the two are closely linked. Psychological stress will turn into physical symptoms sooner or later. But these can also be reduced using mental processes.

Are there examination methods which can be used to show a comprehensive overall picture?

At the TÜV Rheinland Health Management Competence Center in the Ahr resort, we use a holistic approach with our Integrative Health Management. We use the latest processes to deal with the physical, medical side of things. Risky diseases of civilization such as high blood pressure or diabetes initially have no symptoms and therefore remain undetected for a long time. As well as the internistic medical check-up, this also includes psychometric diagnosis in order to measure mental capacity and the inclusion of individual psychological questions in order to create a comprehensive overall picture.

How are these nuanced analyses of a person’s state of being implemented and for whom is mental fitness particularly important?

Many specialist staff and managers complain that stress is increasing all the time. Psychological strain is also increasingly becoming an issue in competitive sport: If regeneration and recovery times are too short, there is a danger of burnout or over-training. High levels of concentration, improvement in reaction times and dealing with pressure can all be trained. With the help of psychometrics, we can identify existing resources and those which need to be strengthened. Our interdisciplinary team developed individual programs of support. In our center, we have developed an annual program which follows the plando-check-act cycle of management and consists of three modules: taking stock, personal support phases and meetings with our experts. With its fitness and wellness facilities, the Ahr resort offers us the ideal conditions for this.

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