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DETOX: Because Sustainability Never Goes Out of Fashion

Posted by TUV Rheinland on May 3, 2019 12:00:00 PM
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Fashions come and go. But these days, looking good isn’t good enough.

As awareness of the hundreds of chemical substances contained in shoes, clothing and other everyday textiles grows, the environmental and human health concerns are also escalating. Time is running out for manufacturers to demonstrate that their apparel and footwear is produced safely and sustainably.

Increasing consumer and regulatory pressure has turned the trickle of companies participating in the Greenpeace DETOX campaign into a tsunami. However, many firms are finding it difficult to meet the myriad of criteria required to access markets and win orders.


Survival of the Cleanest

  • With its extensive international expertise and deep technical knowledge, TÜV Rheinland offers a full portfolio of DETOX supply chain services, enabling it to be a convenient and cost-efficient one-stop shop.
  • TÜV Rheinland’s comprehensive range of DETOX services enable companies of all kinds – manufacturers, brands, and retailers – to sharpen their competitive edge to capture the confidence of an increasingly environmentally aware customer base.
  • Enhancing your DETOX profile does more than reduce and mitigate risks. It can also establish your company as an industry leader and, therefore, increase brand reputation and stakeholder trust.
  • In addition to meeting regulatory, environmental and social requirements, partnering with TÜV Rheinland to eliminate harmful chemicals in your textile production process can make entering even the most tightly-controlled markets possible and profitable.


Sustainability is in TÜV Rheinland’s DNA

As a world-leading independent provider of technical services for testing, inspection, certification, consulting, and training, we have been helping clients to succeed for over 140 years.

Today, that includes working with the entire supply chain to eliminate hazardous chemicals in products and production processes and meet sustainability goals.

With extensive international expertise and in-depth technical knowledge, TÜV Rheinland offers a comprehensive portfolio of DETOX-supply chain services. A true, one-stop-shop, we provide raw materials suppliers, textile, and garment manufacturers with the end-to-end sustainability services they need to ensure clean textile, apparel, and footwear supply chains.


Tackle the DETOX Challenge with TÜV Rheinland

Meeting DETOX demands doesn’t have to be difficult. With our comprehensive portfolio, TÜV Rheinland offers a wide range of cost-efficient solutions and services for every link in the textile and footwear supply chain.
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