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Choosing Your Compliance Partner for the Global EV Market

Posted by TUV Rheinland on May 21, 2018 10:34:35 AM
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The electric and hybrid vehicle industry is growing rapidly, with every car company and even the appliance company Dyson looking to release their own electric model within the next few years. Navigating the global EV market and the associated international safety standards (ISO, SAE) can be challenging. Assessment and testing to standards starts right at the beginning of an electric vehicle's lifecycle at the research and development stage, and certifications continue on through the entire production process, including factory audits. Each country has its own regulatory body, with efforts in uniformity only just beginning to get off the ground. The sheer amount of safety standards can be intimidating, but the list of requirements becomes much easier to manage with an experienced testing and certification partner.

EV’s constantly changing safety standards

Safety regulations in the automotive industry are constantly changing with new technology, especially in the realm of electric vehicles. EV safety standards, certifications, and audits exist for everything surrounding EVs:

  • Charging systems and the EV’s electric supply
  • Automotive component homologation
  • EMC and wireless communication

The ideal solution to managing the long list of regulations and certifications would be to partner with a company that boasts in-depth knowledge of the global market and safety regulations and would offer a one-stop-shopping experience for testing and certification audits.



What to look for in an ideal compliance partner

An ideal characteristic might be an expert understanding of the global electric vehicle industry and its various regulations. With the multitude of international standards, you need help managing inspection, engineering testing, type approval, technical training and consulting throughout the EV value chain. A certification company should not only provide the most comprehensive information and support to your company, they should also ideally be a leader in the development of the EV industry, helping to define uniform global standards through their international experience and long history in the industry.

TÜV Rheinland’s global E-Mobility team has the necessary knowledge and ability to keep your company up-to-date on current safety standards, providing one place for all testing, certification and audits. We offer every functional safety evaluation and certification required throughout the lifecycle of your product, including preliminary conformity assessments and open and in-house teaching seminars for employee training and safety. Our internationally-recognised certification mark proves the quality of your products and systems to your customers.


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