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Business Stream Systems is First To Launch Global “Supply Chain Audits” Campaign

Posted by TUV Rheinland on Jun 14, 2019 12:00:00 PM
TUV Rheinland
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The "supply chain audits" marketing and communication campaign has been launched. All regions will gradually adapt and realise the different marketing measures.

Supply chain audits deal with social, ethical and environmental aspects in the entire supply chain of a company. "Due to constantly growing international production and trade connections, supply chain audit is a market with enormous global potential and therefore predestined for an international campaign", explains Frank Dorssers, Global Field Manager Customized Services, who accompanied the technical content production with his colleague Reinhard Bier, Projectleader Supply Chain Audits.


Internationalisation of marketing activities

The campaign core is a microsite, which contains various assets such as detailed interviews, FAQ documents and information flyers on supply chain audits. Elements of these content assets will be used for customer newsletters, email marketing, Google ads, press activities, and social media postings.

"With these multiple activities, we want to internationally position TÜV Rheinland on the subject of supply chain audits, aiming at lead generation,” says Christopher Borck, Business Officer Marketing. "Regional Officers Marketing of defined focus regions such as GOP, Asia Pacific, IMEA, Greater China as well as North and South America will successively participate in these marketing activities and adapt them to their country and market requirements.”

International colleagues were involved in the campaign development, too. Vincent Chen, Vice General Manager for Greater China, and Harold Hai, Regional Business Unit Manager at APA, provided advice and practical support for the development of the campaign's content.


Strategic development in a new organisational structure

Borck and Sabine Kamisli from Strategic Marketing, who is responsible for Global Campaign Management, took over strategic development of the campaign.

"It was a premiere for us: In the completely new marketing organisation structure, we strategically planned and implemented this campaign on an international level with international teams,” explains Kamisli.

As part of this initial project, the team pursued a standardised and systematic approach. For example, campaign templates were developed that accompany the entire process – from the market positioning of the topic to the conception and implementation of measures.

"Of course, these templates are extremely helpful to us. When dealing with future campaigns they will help us to set up all steps systematically, efficiently and purposefully,” Kamisli concludes.

Find information on all aspects of this campaign on our supply chain audits microsite.


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