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Ensuring Worker Safety with Hazardous Location Field Evaluations

 Combustible dusts and flammable gases, mists or vapors can lead to potentially explosive atmospheres if electrical equipment or machinery have faults at the point of installation. Because of this, ...
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Quality Management Updates – ISO 45001:2018

Management systems for Occupational Health and Safety (OHSMS) have been proven to organise and focus a company's efforts for minimising work-related hazards. The OHSAS Project Group published the ...
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Fatigue Risk Management: A Bowtie Analysis

Fatigue is a major issue for organisations with shift working patterns, especially those with long or irregular hours. Where facilities operate 24/7, extended wakefulness, inadequate sleep and night ...
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The best therapy - Sports and good bosses

Health is a hot topic, whether you are in Tokyo, Amsterdam or Vancouver. Managers must set an example here, too, and prevention pays off for everyone.
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Christmas Party at Work: Clear Away Work Tools

No exceptions: The usual occupational safety provisions also apply to Christmas parties on company premises. This includes a risk assessment by the employer that takes account of the specific ...
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Toward Fewer Work-Related Accidents: Japanese Regulations

"The year 2016 started with a number of news items that remind us of the importance of safety and quality management. From the tour bus incident and repeated food scandals we learned that we should ...
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